About Us

Jonathan Langston, CPS-AD – President and Founder of Reboot Jackson



Jon is a person in long term recovery from substance use disorder. He grew up here in Jackson County and this is where he lived throughout the time of his life where he was most afflicted by addiction. Jon began seeking recovery through a twelve-step program on September 9, 2008. Through a connection with others that have lived through a similar life and found recovery, and a desire to not return to that lifestyle, he has endured without any setbacks to achieve ten years of long term recovery. 

Through the pursuit of his own recovery and a desire to help others that may still be suffering, Jon learned about the CARES (Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist) training. CARES helped him to understand that not everyone can follow the same avenue to recovery. There are many pathways. Through the CARES program, based on experience based peer support and self-directed care, he has found that recovery is a direct result of connecting with others. 

Jon’s ultimate goal is to stand in the circle of society with those on the fringes and instead of judging them for the burdens that they carry, he wants to be in awe of how they carry them. 

Richard English- Vice President of Reboot Jackson



Richard is a person living in long term recovery. On July 3rd of 2014 he was given a second chance at life and believes everyone should have the same opportunity. His experience in early recovery taught him that help from others, inside and outside of the recovery community, was an essential component for his continued progress. His goal is to help others find a way out of addiction and to prove that recovery is possible for everyone. 

David Scott- Secretary of Reboot Jackson


 David is a person in long term recovery. David got clean May 1st 1994 through a twelve step program. He remains involved with the recovery community by trying to help others through the twelve steps, programs like Reboot Jackson, and many other programs. Like Jon, he wants to stand at the fringes of society and help those who have a desire to be helped.  

Gail West- Treasurer of Reboot Jackson



Gail moved to Jackson County in 2007. She is retired and enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. Although Gail is not a person in long term recovery, she does have family members who have been affected by substance use disorder and are currently in long term recovery including her daughter. Because of these family members, Gail is very passionate about recovery. She knows that there is hope for those that suffer from addiction and that recovery is possible.

Angela D'Zamko- Board Member



Angela Griffin D'Zamko is a lifelong resident of Jackson County, Georgia and is married to Erik D'Zamko. She has 3 children, Madyson, Morgan, and Maverick. Angela is a member of the Jefferson City Schools Board of Education. She is a co-owner, along with her daughters, of Cream and Shuga Coffee House and Restaurant. Angela has been a Broker/ Realtor for over 25 years, and currently is the owner/broker of AGM Real Estate located in Jefferson. She is past president of I-85 Board of Realtors and Athens Area Association of Realtors and former Realtor of the Year. 

Jennifer West, CPS-AD- Executive Director of Reboot Jackson


Jenn is a person in long term recovery. She has not used any drugs or alcohol since 2013. She became a CPS-AD in 2018 and has since been certified in Medication Assisted Treatment, Whole Health Action Management, Telephone and Emergency Department Peer Support Services, The Science of Addiction and Recovery, and Trauma Informed Care. Jenn has a passion for helping the community and for helping others who are seeking recovery. Her goal is to meet people where they are and walk along side them on their pathway to wellness.